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Welcome to I love My Puppies


Your One Stop Shop for all your Doggie Needs.


You may be shopping for a special toy for your special pooch or a heated bed to keep your beloved pet warm on those cold winter nights. Maybe a snazzy outfit, dog grooming accessories, health supplements, dog carriers or dog prams...You can find these and more in our Mall.


You may be thinking about getting a puppy but need more information about which breed would be best suited towards your lifestyle. Small or large, long haired, short haired. You will find this information in our Breed Directory.


You may already be dog owners but would like to become a member of a dog club. You will find links to dog clubs and organizations and dog rescue organisations around the world in our Dog Directory.


You may have a puppy but might need more information on training techniques. You may simply be looking for new recipe ideas for your furry friend. You can find this information in our Bookstore.



Purchasing a Puppy

Please remember that choosing to become a dog owner is a big commitment. Your dog will require love and attention. They will need to be trained. They will require regular exercise whatever the weather. They will need regular grooming and will often require medical treatment at some point in their lives. A dog is for life. If you are not willing or able to give the time and effort necessary to care for a dog you should not consider becoming an owner.


We do not feature information regarding individual breeders or puppies for sale on this website. If you have chosen to go ahead and become a dog owner there are many ways to go about acquiring a puppy:


 - Breeders may advertise in your local newspaper / Dog magazines

 - Individual breeders may have their own websites

 - Breed clubs / organizations often have links to specific breeders (you will find links to these in our Dog Directory

 - Online Breeder Directories

 - Please don't forget about the many puppies and dogs who are looking for good homes in the Dog Rescue Organisations (you will find links to these in our Dog Directory


However you choose your dog, please endeavour to ensure that you are buying your puppy from a reputable breeder and not from 'Puppy Farmers' who breed dogs in mass numbers for the pet market. For more information about purchasing a puppy, please see our Dog Buying Guide.


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