The Boxer is a powerful and  muscular dog that was originally bred as a guard dog. A working dog, the Boxer was bred from Bullenbeisser mastiffs and bulldogs in the 1850's. The Boxer's coat is normally brown with white markings.



Height: 21-25 inches (53-63 cm.)
Weight: 60-70 pounds (25-32 kg.)


Coat and Grooming:

Boxers have a short haired coat which is easy to care for. They should be brushed with a firm brush. Natural oils are present within the skin and over zealous bathing can remove these. Therefore Boxers should only be bathed when necessary. Boxers are not heavy shedders.



Boxer Dogs are generally playful and high-spirited with lots of energy. They are intelligent and quick to learn, however, they can also sometimes display a stubborn streak. Boxers generally get along well with other family members and children. If properly trained, they should mostly get along with other household pets.  Boxers like to be in active households with a lot of human contact.


Health Issues:

Can suffer from cardiomyopathy, sub-aortic stenosis, and hip dysplasia and can be prone to epilepsy. They have a higher tendency to develop tumours than many other breeds. They also have a tendency towards allergies. They may also suffer from heart problems. 



Boxers are active and energetic dogs and require daily exercise. They also need play sessions with a ball or other similar toys to keep them stimulated and to prevent boredom.


Life Expectancy:

About 11-14 years








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