Country of Origin:




Airedale Terrier Shoulder Height:

58-61cm (22.75-24 inches)

Weight: 23-29kg (50-65 Pounds)


Bitches slightly smaller



Airedale Terriers have a hard wire-haired coat which is smooth to touch. Colouring is normally tan with a grey-black back. The coat will need plucking about two times a year.


Ease of Training:

Airedale Terriers are intelligent dogs which will benefit from a variety of training.



Airedale Terriers are loyal to their owners but can sometimes be stubborn. Playful dogs, they tend to get on well with other household animals and are generally patient with children. However, sometimes they may be a little boisterous for small children. Mostly obedient, they can get easily distracted. They are not suited for apartment living as they are very active dogs. Airedale Terriers will benefit from proper obedience training.



The Airedale Terrier requires regular exercise, otherwise will become bored and restless. They also enjoying playing with balls and other retrieval objects.


Health Problems:


Airedale Terriers are quite a resilient breed but some can suffer from eye problems, hip dysphasia and some skin infections.


Life Expectancy:

Approximately 10-12 years.





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